GiftSwipe by Cadouu: Tinder meets Pinterest – the ultimate fashion and product discovery app backed by machine learning

Rakuten Marketing speaks to Cadouu – a unique and innovative gifting platform. Their GiftSwipe discovery engine backed is by machine learning and provides advertisers with a smart gateway to customers.

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GiftSwipe is a cutting-edge technology that feeds the user with daily inspiration on the go. In the words of Nora Stolz, Founder & CEO: “We make it fun to discover new products, easy for you to recommend cool stuff to friends and quickly build a wishlist to keep track of your favourite items.” You can try it out for yourself here:

We caught up with Nora to find out more about GiftSwipe and how they can add value to advertisers:

Can you tell us a bit more about GiftSwipe?

GiftSwipe emerged out of Cadouu almost by coincidence. I founded Cadouu in 2016 with the aim to build the world’s first global gifting platform, combining ecommerce, social networking and payment in a novel way. Our focus is on group gifts, which is the most rapidly growing gifting behaviour in the Millennial segment – one large gift in the name of everyone instead of many small token items.

As we were running group gift campaigns, we noticed that people really needed a wishlist feature. So, my CTO Vasco Conde and I sat together and developed a feature that allows users to curate a wishlist on the go.

This feature is called ‘GiftSwipe’ and it is a cutting-edge technology that changes the way people browse, keep track of favourite items and shop new products outright. It is intuitive, fun and collaborative. Users can curate their wishlist, see what their friends like, and recommend products to friends. It is like marrying the technologies of Tinder and Pinterest and feeding it with the most beautifully curated products and services from our advertisers. Every product comes with a ‘buy now’ button that links to the advertiser so the user can purchase instantly.

What makes you different to other gifting websites?

GiftSwipe is a mobile discovery engine backed by machine learning. It is the first of its kind and uses content-based and collaborative filtering to make product recommendations based on user groups and preferences.

We are also able to provide exceptional data insights on consumer preferences and consumer clusters to our advertisers. These insights are quite unique and rarely available for brands and often not consistent for retailers. The value GiftSwipe brings to the B2B market, buyers, strategist or new brands is huge. We understand exactly what products users like, what their individual style and preferences are and how they change over time. We can analyse this data by geolocation, gender, age, categories, brands, price range, date, marketing channels and much more. This data is giving us the opportunity to know the appeal of certain products to groups of users. In addition, brands can work with us for market research prior to product launches and we can recommend who the target audience is based on user insights.

What kind of advertisers are you looking to partner with and what value can you provide?

We are looking for brand and retail advertisers in the lifestyle, fashion, tech, travel and design verticals that will endorse our cutting-edge technology solution ‘GiftSwipe’ to their existing customers. The more varied brands that are on our platform, the better the algorithms work and the better the data insights for the individual brand. We value high-quality brands with aspirational products and mobile online stores with high-quality photos and a consistent data feed.

Do you have any recent case studies of your success working with advertisers?

Yes, some advertisers have a fantastic, complete and consistent product feed which means we can feature these products more on GiftSwipe. Others advertiser sends us a custom feed with the products to be featured, an option that we make available for an additional fee.

What is in store for Cadouu in 2018 and beyond?

Our development team is very busy building new features, and the strategy and business development team are onboarding new advertisers in Europe and North America, and we have just launched the first independent brand collaborations – exciting times!

Watch this space and of course try it for yourself here:

To find out more about partnering with Cadouu please contact Nora directly here or use the SID 3473554 in the Advertiser Dashboard.

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