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We’ve recently started working with By Discount Codes – a fast-growing savings hub providing discount codes for over 1,500 brands. We recently caught up with the marketing team from By Discount Codes to find out more about their platform and how they can add value to advertisers.

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By Discount Codes is a fast-growing savings hub providing consumers with discount codes for over 1,500 brands. We caught up with the marketing team from By Discount Codes to find out more about their platform and how they can add value to advertisers:

Can you tell us a bit more about By Discount Codes and how the platform works?

By Discount Codes was developed in order to take the stress out of shopping. We understand that consumers are often on the hunt for products and services that offer the most value for money – often having to compromise on the quality or pay a premium. In order to solve this problem, we developed a platform to allow consumers to access discount codes from more than 1,500 brands in order to buy the products they love at discounted prices. The site is also supported by a money saving blog, with content written by industry experts.

What makes you different to other vouchers sites?

By Discount Codes is not just limited to providing voucher codes. Our founders believed that there was a gap in the market for an online space where consumers can access content to help them save money and shop confidently. Therefore, our site includes detailed information on the brands we are working with such as policies, company information, shopping tips and style guides, so the consumer has everything they need in one place to make an informed purchase. Our vision is to become a digital encyclopaedia for shoppers in order to save time and money.

How can you partner with advertisers and what value does By Discount Codes provide?

We analyse our customers’ behaviour in order to provide advertisers with a strategic brand strategy to increase traffic to their website and help them to promote their products and services. To find out more, please contact us via the online form on our website.

Do you have any recent case studies of your success working with advertisers?

Aside from providing discount codes to consumers, we are continuously looking for ways to help our advertisers with their business. Through SEO and social media, we work to ensure their products and services are reaching the right target audience. We’ve recently been working with BuyAGift and helping them to reach their target audience through exclusive codes with No.1 Lounges and 7Liverpool. We also create dedicated banners to increase brand awareness of the brand and our discount codes.

What is in store for By Discount Codes in 2018 and beyond?

We are a customer-centric company and our prime objective is to make shopping easy, stress-free and cost-effective for consumers. Our aim is to add 5000 more advertisers to our platform with voucher codes updated on a daily basis to improve the user experience. Alongside our content hub, this will help provide the best possible shopping experience for our users.

If you’d like to find out more about By Discount Codes, please contact their marketing team at


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