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Affiliate Travel Trends

There is no doubt that it has been a turbulent few years for the travel industry. However, despite concerns over inflation, cancelled or disrupted trips, UK consumers are still eager to escape – they want to get away, and are willing to do the leg work to make sure it is worth their while.  In […]

Rakuen Advertising Launches Linkless Code Tracking

Rakuten Advertising is excited to launch Linkless Code Tracking for advertisers and publishers. This solution takes the power of affiliate marketing beyond traditional channels into social, connected TV, print media, podcasts and more, helping brands to elevate their affiliate strategy and reach consumers where they choose to spend their time. Linkless Code Tracking is an […]
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Global Affiliate Orders Soar in Q4

The dust has settled on 2021, and the affiliate industry is looking forward to the year ahead. Recent years have taught the industry to prepare for anything, whether it be a behavioural shift to content commerce or the resurgence of advertiser verticals to pre-pandemic levels. To support our advertisers and publisher partners in planning for […]
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2022 Media & Performance Marketing Trends

Over recent years the e-commerce industry has accelerated as the world continues to move in and out of lockdown. Changes in shopper behaviour combined with privacy regulations have brands and agencies constantly on their toes as they seek out the most effective strategies to engage and ultimately convert consumers. To support agencies, brands and publisher […]

Peak 2021: Predictions for the Q4 Sales Peak

The fourth quarter of the year is by far the most lucrative time of the year for most retailers and brands with numerous shopping events, deals and promotions leading up to the big day itself. However, it has been another challenging year for the retail sector. The combined impact of COVID-19 and Brexit has continued […]
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Increasing Consumer Reach Via Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV is a leading video-on-demand platform in Europe, offering a premium home entertainment portal and exclusive, free advertising-video-on-demand (AVOD) content. Audiences can watch premium Hollywood movies and programmes, local European content, and exclusive sporting documentaries through Rakuten TV. AVOD platforms such as Rakuten TV provide an immense opportunity for brands to reach new and […]
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Building High-Performance Affiliate Marketing Programmes

Today Rakuten Advertising launches A 5-stage Blueprint for High-Performance Affiliate Marketing. The blueprint provides both advertisers and publishers with insights into the strategic value of affiliate marketing throughout the customer journey. Based on discussions in the first meetings of the Rakuten Advertising International Collective (RAIC), the blueprint features comments from leading advertisers such as Harvey […]

How Affiliate Marketing Can Help Financial Advertisers Overcome Key Challenges

The finance sector has seen rapid changes in consumer behaviour throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to lockdown, online banking and financial products have accelerated online. According to Deloitte, 35% of customers have increased their online banking usage during the pandemic. Interestingly, a high proportion of this growth has come from seniors and boomers who have […]

Navigating a Cookieless World

By now, marketers are well and truly aware that cookieless tracking is the gradual decline of browser support for third-party cookies. What they may not realise is that cookies are ending because they weren’t always used responsibly. By creating intrusive and annoying ad experiences, brands broke the trust of consumers. A sentiment echoed by the […]